Refund and Returns Policy

Conditions of Use

By purchasing, subscribing you accept the below mentioned conditions. Some conditions may apply by visiting the website or by posting content and reviews too. please read them carefully.

Refund and Returns Policy

Downloadable content / Products like patterns or templates are not refundable or exchangable. Once purchased you are instantly able to download it.
If you made a mistake or not you are still able to download my content and work once purchased and therefore cannot be returned or refunded.
Some may use that to steal from me so no hope you understand!

Privacy policy

Reviews, comments, ratings and posting content.

Customers can post content like images, reviews, comments and ratings as long as it is not innapropriate, nudity, illegal, defamatory, threatening, infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy or injurious in any other way to third parties. Content has to be free of commercial solicitation, software viruses, and political campaign. By leaving content like, images, reviews, comment and rating you allow it to be publicly posted
on the website in the therefore meant review section. By doing this you are actively helping me and customers too! Thank you.

Emails & adresses

When purchasing or subscribing your email may be used to confirm your purchase and to ask you to consider leaving a review.

When filling in your email and adress you allow me to check if your intentions include theft or not. I may do this by checking to see if you filled in a real location / e-mail or a false one. I have experienced aliexpress seller trying to steal my work before by putting in false information. By checking this i hope to avoid theft like i was able to in the past.

By leaving your email and information in the contact form you are allowing me to use this information to reply back to your e-mails, questions and more.


The content published on this website: the digital downloads, images, texts, logos, graphics are the property of Jinouga or its content creators. And is protected by international copyright laws. You do NOT have permission to try to sell or make my patterns & content public.