frequently asked questions

Whats a printable cosplay template?

These are completely different product then my bodysuit patterns.
I sometimes create cosplay templates wich need to be printed on A4 paper. for example i sell the base that i made for my catra headpiece, helmet and badges. all you do is print them on paper and you can trace them and use them as a guide on foam to make your own cosplay prop.

What are Bodysuit patterns?

My bodysuit patterns are a digital pattern thats meant to print on fabric
A regular sewing pattern is ALOT different then this please keep this in mind when ordering! Once you order a pattern from me you are meant to print the fabric directly on fabric. Wich means once my design is on the fabric all you do is cut it out and sew the pieces together all the details are printed on there like you see on the design. Therefore you don’t have to sew all the details only the outer lines. size depends on how big you get it printed!

This is what most customers do with the bodysuit patterns

Is let a company like zentaizone.com & herostime.com do it for you. These printing companies specialize in printing and sewing specificly bodysuit patterns to any size for you. After you buy my pattern you can go to them for custom printing. They will usually have a custom printing button somehwere on their site where they will ask you for your size and they will ask for my file link. you are allowed to use websites like www.wetransfer.com to temporarily upload my files and link it to them. i prefer WeTransfer as it deletes the files after a week this way nobody else can steal your bought products and my design. Once you send it to the mentioned companies they will do the rest.

Want to sew it yourself? You can do printing at regular fabric printing website for example spoonflower.com

Will you make this character?

I highly recommend following me on instagram @Jinougacosplay or @Jinougashop to see if i will. As i always post what im working on in my stories. feel free to ask there if i don’t post about the characters.
do you want a custom character made or a character that barely anyone knows? consider commisioning me

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