Mocha Art Print


This Art print is 13 x 13 cm.Printed on high quality Lustre Matte paper which is a matte with a hint of shine (See description for more)

In honor of my beloved pet Mocha, who has sadly passed away, I present this artwork that I created a few years ago. Mocha had a profound impact on both my life and my mother’s life. Through this artwork, I aim to honor her memory and invite fellow hedgehog owners or anyone who loves cute art to appreciate her legacy. I hope this artwork serves as a heartfelt tribute to Mocha, reminding us all of Mocha’s enduring impact on our lives.

✝ RIP Mocha – 5 november 2023. ✝


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Lustre matte print is a lustre photo paper with an even fine matte surface, Brilliant color rendering and beautiful deep black and white areas with good detailing. The paper is less sensitive to fingerprints and suitable for placing in a photo frame (behind glass). In addition, the paper lends itself well to materials such as forex, polystyrene and dibond.

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