Bodysuit Commisions are currently:


Do you have a original character that has a bodysuit that you would love to cosplay?
Or a character thats not very well known that you just HAVE to cosplay?
I do bodysuit pattern commisions for those exact reasons.

If interested contact me through my Email: or instagram.
Please don’t forget to always show pictures and describe what you exactly want
so i can give a proper idea of the pricing for it (people tend to not send pictures).

Pricing is between 60 and 150+ euros depending on the design.

Fabric Commisions are currently:


Do you need very specific fabric to continue with your cosplay but can’t find it anywhere?
Let me design it for you so you can easily get it printed and look as accurate as possible!

Contact me through my Email: or Instagram.

Please show pictures and describe exactly what you want so i can give a proper idea.

  • editing
  • editing

Editing Commisions are currently:


Need help editing your cosplay pictures? I can help you with that too!
For example edit the colors make it all pretty, edit circle lens colors, edit small
things out or in it and do basic retouching or special effects.

If interested contact me through my Email: or Instagram.
Describe exactly what you want to have done so i can give you a proper idea of pricing.

Pricing depends on what is wanted but starts from 6+ euros.